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New Face

Version 4.0

Well, it is that time of year again…

Every Year at about this time a new version of my website appears. Each time there is some kind of move onwards involved.

The first site was HTML, and frames.

The second used Active server pages, though i dont quite remember what it looked like exactly. Still some frames I guess, I will have to dig out a copy of it some time…

Version three is this site, with its ASP.Net and all that. Its not bad, but the layout does not come highly recomended. a shame as I did copy it well sort of. But the big problem is it is a bit unwieldly.

The latest version is 50% just repackaging of the current site, so the content will not change. and 50% improvement of the code which generates it. Making things easier to change. getting rid of some bugs. maybe getting a forum, or at least comment posting going.

But i dont know when it will be released. Just one day this site will look very different….

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