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In Touch

Keeping In Touch

So, I am kind of doing the Ex-pat thing at the moment. Living in germany for a bit, like i have said, its an eye opening experience. But it is nice to keep in touch with whats going on at home. Now, to be fair, there is quite a lot about Britain in the German media. But my German is not too hot, and where I am living, I can recieve BFBS Radio 1 which is aimed at all the British Military based in germany as well as round the world (with local, and international content). This does mean I now listen to the top 40 on a monday evening, I expect that is something to do with lisencing…

Its far too hot, though i think that is the same everywhere at the moment. so its nice to be in an airconditioned room for much of the day. And then to spend time at the weekends in street cafes, in the quiet (trafic wise, i.e. non existant) cobbled streets of Aachen.

Still Happy I am here really. even if i do now have to plan how i am going to get home. Euro star claim to have actually sold out a train, so I am getting a train checking in just after 12 midday. this after a couple of hours wait due to the lovelly non-interconnectedness of Thalys ans Eurostar. Thanks Guys.

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