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The Leader

Wanna be in my gang?

After an enjoyable two weeks spent on the Stavros S. Niarchos, sailing as everyones favourite evil DeckHand 1, I am now Red Watch Leader aboard the "Prince William" Running a 14 strong team of young people, from a wider than usual varitey of back grounds, and cultures. Still, it seems to be fun so far.

This entry is brought to you from Den Helden, in Holland. Yay, Internet Cafes, and so in a way is annother part of the circle being completed (first propper internet use was in a Cafe in Amsterdam….)

So all this allows me to get my head together a little. Which is nice. or failing that it allows me my desired break from reality, before I go back to moving out, and starting work.

Lets see where this all leads… I have lots to do before i start work. what with catching up with various freinds, and some familly too…

Random? Moi?

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