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The Importance of Being Eddie

Its week 5 of “The Rest of My Life ™” that is to say,the long work filled bit that generally comes between student life and retirement….

So anyway, its week 5, and my PC arrived today. I now have access to work email. My very own email address infact. Not that I am going to tell you what it is here…. But it did raise a question as to what my name is. And here is where it could get a little confusing.

Officially i am Edward. Thats what it says on my passport, and my quaifications. but ofcourse that really is a bit long isnt it? I mean it could be shorter. People variously shorten it to either "Eddie" or "Ed" the problems start when people ask me which I am.

Its easy for the official stuff. That is always Edward’s domain. But the rest of the time even I am not one hundred percent sure what it is. Needless to say I answer to any of the three (and to "Ant" sometimes too, but that is annother story) but generally in spoken language I am likelly to say my name is "Ed" and if i write it it comes out as "Eddie". Doing a search on Google for instances of me out there under different names shows that different groups (or individuals) call me different things. Of course, somepeople now get confused, believeing the Eddie Brown and Ed Brown to be possibly two different people…

But anyway, this is how i am now, in writing at least, Eddie Brown at work now.

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