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Night Train

This is the Night Train, Crossing the Border

Spent tonight at college. whihc was nice, to see people and all. Glad I got there, despite thick fog at this end, (and much racing around to pick up car from anual service. mainly by bike though) and a terminal puncture on the home straight to the station. Fixed the puncture with a little help (and hindence) from a friend and enjoyed the bar

got the 2330 from Kings Cross heading towards Leeds. But I got off in Peterborough. Of Course. Saw a Mail Train there, and lots of men waiting, and then loading MAIL SKATES into mini wagons for transport to the sorting offices.

Peterborough is very quiet on a Tuesday Night, except on the very main roads there was no traffic. and even then, only a very little. Not sure if i prefer that, or the madness of london. It was odd to only have the wind in my ears

Night World

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