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This is not a software problem

Saturday I decided to get on with upgrading my Linux box to Mandrake 9.2 Everything was going fine, until the upgrade just stopped. Oh dear. My CD Drive suddenly stopped working. It turnes out there is a bit of a problem with some drives, not just ones marked LG nut, my Compaq one too.

I tried the suggested fix. but to no avail. so it as off to PC World today to get a new drive. Apparnetly the bug only affects CD drives, not RW drives, this is due to the bug being the (possibly negligent) reuse of the command instruction for a RW drive that is not needed by a CD-ROM drive to mess with the FirmWare. Grrr.

On the plus side i suppose i now have a CD burner on my Linux box. which probably cost a quarter of the price for the one in my PC box bought about 3 years ago. Oh, and the one in the linux box is, of course, faster

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