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Utility 2

If At First You Don’t Suceed…

Well done to powergen for their phone system. Well, when it does the ringback thing it is quite usefull….

Whilst the company formerly known as British Gas have managed to now get my name in, I am still trying to sort out the mess that is PowerGen. I think they have the direct debit instructions right now, so its not the standing order variety, but actually takes the right amount…. however, what is the right amount?

I dont know what they think i am doing. Their estimates for energy useage are alarmingly high. they figure I use about threetimes as much as I actually do during the day, and then for the economy 7 rate make that this is the same amount (by their calculations) which is more like 8 times the right amount….

This would be in theory easy to fix. but, you see, they have screwed up even worse. As they entered my starting figure wrongly in the very beginning. So their system will not accept the current meter readings, as their start figure is somewhat more than my current position. I guess it will be annother phone call in a few days time to see how they are doing….


So I am on the verge of changing supplier. However its not going to be so easy as claiming I will save money. It strikes me as odd that they always ask you much you spend currently or just blindly promise they will be cheaper. So. Here is my idea, if any electricity firm wants to quote me a better price than I currently get then I might just be persuaded by the economics. Your price will of course be broken down into its comonent parts, so I will need to know the standing charge (if any) and the prices per Kilo Watt hour. Oh, and the breakdown of the charging tiers (i.e. first X kW are tier one, next Y are tier 2, rest is Z i need to know X, Y and Z. And of course the time period)

The cynic in me suspects this is too much to ask….

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