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Spring is, Well, Springing

Its not quite spring really, and the weather is not terribly good of late (with bright sunshine, and then heavy downpours ad infinitum) but I have started to grow stuff so I get the garden I want

I am aided in this by a big plastic tent. in my conservatory, which is helpting me protect the plants from frost. In time I expect it will go off outside, and I will grow pepers out there.

My conservatory is not going to freeze however this is not all that is needed to get seeds started. they usually need a little warmth, and for this I have an electric propogator bought from Focus (‘cept their website is crap) which by putting it on the covered shelving will keep the temperature in there a little warmer. As you can see in this photo on the right, there are some plants just growing now!

My only problem is going to be how to look after the plants whilst I am away for a bit… Hopefully they will not really need pricking out into their next pots or trays until I am back :-s

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