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Install Muppet

Backup and then Install

I was rather lazy the other day, and paid for it with all my data….

For over a year now, I have had 2 harddisks in my Packard Bell PC. One, the origonal 10Gb disk, carried operating system, and some very minor data, the other, a 120Gb disk, carried program files for my current XP installation, and 99% of my data.

I had decided to install Mandrake 10 Official Edition, insted of an old XP installation, and unneeded data partitions on the 10Gb disk. It kept having problems when it came to installing the boot loader. However, it didnt ruin windows, as had been reported elsewhere.

I got clever, and decided to install Mandrake 9.2, which was running fine on my Compaq box. The installation ran through fine, it even booted up (which is where Mandrake 10 had failed) I had the bootloader on floppy disk, and here is where I am not sure what I did, as I had both a bootloader on floppy disk, and had ruined the ability for windows to boot.

Having seen all the instructions, I used the rescue disks to repair windows. this didnt work. And then, whilst in Mandrake I made a chilling discovery…. Something had killed my 120Gb data disk, with a file of just a few Kb. Evidently something had not been able to tell the difference between C: and any other place…

Eventually I managed to get an XP installation going. It whinges about disk space, but it runs. I moved the swap file to the 4Gb partition that had been XP before, (for some reason it decided the best place for that was on the 120Gb disk) and have now installed RecoverMyFiles and hope to get the data back, but I lose the file names… so It may take a while to sort out. This does mean I have not watched 24 in a few days, and now have *a lot* of CD burning to do, so as to save all the data again….

The moral is, and I should know better, that I should back my data up. Its not like the CDs are very expensive. I had relied on the idea of one disk for OS and one for data. The alternative is I should have unplugged the harddrive untill I had a fully working system again. A lesson should be learned from all of this….

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