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Bedtime Reading

Travel Reading

I never used to plan it, but I seem to have now got into the habit of always reading a book with a nautical theme when i go sailing. In the past this has in cluded various books by C. S. Forester (i.e. the Hornblower series of books) and The Way of a Ship by Derek Lundy.

This time I was almost wondering what I would find to read. And then as I was surfing the web having just watched "White Squal" I discovered a book written by one of the teachers on the ship in question.

White Squall: The Last Voyage of the "Albatross"

So its on order, and hopefully will arrive before I sail. It is predicted to arrive in the few days upto and including the day before I catch my train north.

An amusing aside. I used a voucher from the Kelloggs Books Promotion and the voucher counted towards enough money off the full price of the book i selected. As Amazon.co.uk had reduced the book…. I still got the full value off! wow.

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