Monthly Archive: August 2004

Disconectivity Wizards 0

Disconectivity Wizards

I should have learnt… Rant mode is deffinitly on. Darn Mandrake and networking….. I quite like my system once the networking is working, but in the meantime it has been a pain to get...

Mission Shopper 0

Mission Shopper

Long and Winding Road Mission Shopping (as I was taught during Geography lessons, many years ago) is the modern way of shopping, i.e. drive to supermarket, and buy the entire store, so it lasts...

Bandwaggon Lottery 0

Bandwaggon Lottery

Bandwagon Lottery The stragne case of British Politics. And, IMHO, a party that is loosing its grip on reality. Its strnage when Radio 4’s Thought For The Day sums up one of the major...