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New Life vs. Old Life

In my old life I sometimes went on spending sprees. A large proportion of these was attributable to a certian large event in the summer term of 2002, but on the whole it was a world where toys on loan, and new toys when we decided to buy them were good things.

In my new life things are ratehr different. People lending toys means I have to have a reason to use them. I only have half a reason for getting toys on demo, i.e. i want to try them, but i dont have an imediate application…. Having a demo also tends to need justifying the inevitable costs that will be incurred. usually someoen elses time. Compare that to the situation where demo kit used to mean a cost saving!

As for buying new toys…. I used to make up fantastic business cases for new theatre type toys, and believe me, i think I still can. But when it comes to these new things, its a little more tricky… I cannot predict what my new customers will do. And that is always the tricky bit.

On Tour

Oh, in other news, it seems the Eddie Brown Engineering Experience is going on tour to deepest North London again. excellent. Although yet again I am stressing over the planning for it, and this is coupled with my previous aim-at-foot-and-pull-trigger incident, which means that I am now trying to bodge my way around a previous bodge.

Isnt engineering great? Its fantatsic. I am pretty much doign soemthing that I want to do. Its almost engaging me, whihc is nice, cos that is what I need.

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