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New Wheels

One purchase down…

Long standing readers of these ramblings, may remember my efforts over the last few years to find myself a new bycycle. Today I managed to succeed in this, but not with the result I had intended

I was meaning to buy a Raleigh Stratos. But Raliegh do not seem to realise that they make them. I did find one, but a bit on the big side… So anyway, I went today to show my dad the bike I was thinking about (yeah, I hoped he could then look around for me whilst he was out and about) and my eyes fell on a touring bike by Dawes

The bike I chose fits the bill of what I was looking for. It has two wheels, and it has drop handle bars. It also has luggage carriers, I do not remember it having front luggage racks, but then I do not remember paying list price 🙂

Now all I have to wait for is its delivery (by espace, of course…) on Tuesday. Except I probably will not go out on it, I will go climbing insted.

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