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Way of the Bike

Some discoveries on a sunny if draughty Sunday

I was not going to fall for the same trap as yesterday. Insted of waiting for the rain, I was off out on my bike, by about 11am and heading south into a strong wind. I just about managed to stay upright whilst suddenly realsising I now had a cycle computor to play with…

It turns out my typical speed would be in the region of 16mph. Although this went down quite a bit later in my journey when i started going down some rather dodgy paths…

Having cycled to aproximatly Waterside @ Hampton Vale i started looking for cycle tracks. Insted I found a useless gravel covered path. Yes, it might look nice… but it is rather pointless. It seems that the random road between the two current hamptons is a cycle route. I then went in the back route to Serpentine Green, and around and onto the cycle paths there. These run back to the A15 (but with an annoying habit of having lots of side roads to cross)

Net result, I have found a better route between New Home, and Work. although there is a very bad blind corner to cross one road… at least the paths are reaonably well built.

I also visited part of Ferry Meadow. Some whwere for another day’s exploration I think. I really need a map of the local area.

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