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Why does it feel like a landmark?

For the past couple of weeks I have been consolidating my belongings ready to move. Well, consolidating some of them… I have no intention to live out of a series of boxes just yet, so its largly sorting out paper at this stage.

Some stuff will probably go in the bin, but it is largly a filing, sorting and packing exercise. The knack as I see it is to organise stuff so that when i get to m new flat I can work ut where anything might be. With the extra room space is initially not going to be a problem, the boxes can just all go into the second room, until they are propperly sorted out.

Last nigth did feel like an achievement when I managed to sort things sufficiently so that most of my stuff now sits under the stairs, giving me the lounge floorspace again. Which is nice, and I know it is only transitory, but it does give me a space with which to start again….

I need to buy more filing boxes for the paperwork, and pack some more of it away, and then it is time to start putting excess clothing (well painting clothing, and the like) into suitcases, and getting to the back of my built in cupboard.

Time to Go

Just to make it seem more real, I yesterday handed in notice on my current rented house. This means I now have a date I need to move by, and if my new flat isnt finished, then that is going to be a case of moving to my parents place. It would be much better to move direct to my own place, less packing will be required, and a lot less milage…

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