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Targets Met

Pointless workflow

I came to work at 7.30 this morning (I am going to disregard the going off site for two hours that I also did, although that comes later) I was also in at the weekend (which annoyingly is now last week, and not this week) but my work load has just dropped. So I am going to have to work on personal motivation and my list of jobs todo.

But my point is that my time and attendance measurements encourage clock watching. I have to work 37 hours regardless of my workload, and if i need to do extra hours, then I do them. Now i dont have much problem with the latter, but the immovable-force nature of my official work pattern does irritate me time and again.

I would much rather go home in an hour than an hour and 45 minutes…

Anyway, I need to go and chase some work that will end up with me being at work at 6am one saturday.

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