Monthly Archive: November 2004

Stats n 0

Stats n

More stats spotting "The weapon is used by 5,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States." Is that really right? that many different law enforcement agencies spread over 50-something states? wow. police state anyone?

Artificial Flavours 0

Artificial Flavours

Mmmmm Tasty I like Jolly Rancher hard candy. I got some from Cybercandy a while back. I then decided i liked them. (previously i just liked the name….) I don’t know if they can...

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Not everything makes sense…. Whilst poking around Google’s new Scholar service, i thought I would look up Peterborough. Google then suggested that I might like the definition. Well. Why not? so clicked the link…....

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Why oh why… Why do companies give out "local rate" numbers a.k.a. 0845 numbers. the answer? to fleece us… It seems they can make a profit on them. An interesting article by ofcom states...

Acessibile Development 0

Acessibile Development

Some People Should Know Better I am having a Preffesional Development review tomorrow. So as ever am spending time reading the PD How 2 website. Its not very easy on the eye Blue text...

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Coming through the Smoke Screen Steve does have some very good points about somoking in the wake of scotland moving towards banning smoking in public places. I wonder how this will all fit into...