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Empowering and Wetness

Please Take My Money

Whenever you move into a new property, there are a number of things you need to do. Lots of these revolve around either the council, or the utility companies.

Usually its a matter of callign the utility, owning up to living at the address, and giving meter readings. And thus, they will send you bills. Sometimes the right bills, sometimes not. But that is a problem for later in the process.

The new build property hit a snag before i started. They could not find my property in their systems. My property had been supplied, but Powergen could not find it in their records… Eventually they decided i need to find my supplier number, and from this It could be worked out. but it took a few days to get through this (the East Anglia people who can tell you your supplier number only operate during "office hours")

Sneaky feeling it will not be all perfectly hunky doory. Although i think i have managed to avoid them doing the old random direct debiting on this occasion….

Anglian water were less of a problem. Although I have gone from water rates (hence there are no final meter reading issues) to a water meter. They only read the meter every 6 months… so on this occasion i have opted for a random direct debit amount, although this comes out at less than i used to pay (compare with Powergen whoose random amount used to be over twice as much as I really used). My solution will be to get the current prices for the water, and take my own occasional meter readings, I can then check that useage is about right. In the long term I like to spread the cost, but its finding the cost to spread that is the hard part!

I "look forward" to the que of people telling me that I can save money by switching my supply to them. As every folks, its simple, please submit details of the pricing structure per unit with details of any standing charges, and break points between different rates. What? it seems to have gone silent….

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