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Digital Heaven

Cheap Digital TV

On saturday morning some more Aerial installing chaps turned up to give me a quote. it came to a reasonable amount, and so I let them get on with it and install it. Yes, I know it would be cheaper to do it myself, but i dont have the kit, so why bother? For once I went with the buy-it-off-the-shelf option. Even if it did cost a little money.

So, my signal immediatly got better. and I decided to look for a digi box in the week. Sunday morning saw me going into Tesco @ Serpentine Green and buying a Freeview box.

Initial results were a wash out. Powering down, adn back on again however got the required results. I suppose the first scan was a mess because I couldnt see what I was doing, as I was still assembling my TV lashup. I have had to resort to feeding the image through my VCR as my TV dowsnot have a SCART socket.

And now, wow, it works. lots and lots of channels to flick through……

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