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Welsh units

Filling the Albert Hall with Peas

Maybe there was a devious reason for the EU missing Wales off a map that formed the cover of one of their publications. In Europe we are meant to use the metric system fo measurements. This includes things like length, volume, weight, all those things. But us humans cannot truely appreciate large numbers. Think of this, if you had an orange in front of you, you know there is one. If you had six on your desk in front of you, that is fair enough. but could you picture 100,000 oranges?

A chap called Simon Kelk (I found it via the letters pages of El Reg) has a website that allows yu to appreciate the use of Wales as a unit of measure. At SizeOfWales.co.uk you can convert areas into units of the size of wales. There is also the ability to use other common units of measurement, such as the Double Decker Bus and the African Elephant. Doing search on google for "the size of wales" prooves the point, although of course some of the results returned are due to the above mentioned website….

And the Royal Albert Hall? well that can take the number of dried peas equivilent to the number of galaxies in the universe apparently.

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