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Playing Catchup

I am playing catchup in a number of ways at the moment. In one case, on sleep, although I think I have now caught up (sufficiently anyway) and because generally for me being short of sleep is a good thing (assuming its because i have not had time to sleep, and not because I have not been sleeping. In this case it is the former)

Someone pointed out to me that a number of my photos on my website do not seem to work. I knew that a few galleries were missing, but discovered last night that loads of them were not appearing. I really need to deal with the file size issues that I am having, and then return them all to view. This wil unfortunatly take me a while, but I had been waiting for broadband, and now I have that it should not take so long….

This raises some roblems for me regarding backing up of image files. I now need to organsise all my photos, and then upload small enough ones to the web that they do not take up excessive space. If people see ones they *really* want a huge copy of then they can email me. Or maybe take them from the server whihc will usually be operating in my flat. I want to avoid just buying all the disk space on Purple Cloud’s server though… cheap as it is, it does seem a little silly….

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