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Great Escape

Eat Dirt!

My getting involved with local scouting, as well as giving me something to do every Monday night, is also occasionally appearing on other days. For example, Saturday night found me with the other West Town leaders running a base in a patch of wood in Ferry Meadows.

Our base was themed as "The Great Escape" and involved a trolly, some track and a tunnel.

The truck was about 4 ft long, and nearly 3ft wide, on 4 casters. The track was formed from 2×1 with one strip forming the running surface, and then a piece screwed on each side to stop the truck from goign off. The individual track sections (oh, lets all them rails) were screwed to cross pieces (erm, sleepers?) to hold them the right distanmce apart for the casters. The track sections were added together, to give us a run somewhere in the region of 30 plus feet.

As if that didnt look good enough, we then had a line of stakes down each side of the track, and covered this over with tarps, and other sheeting.

The truck was given assistance down the run (even though it was down hill) with one length of rope, whilst annother was used to stop the truck prior to it leaving the end of the track. As the truck stopping tended to just result in the passenger continuing the jopurney without it, a pile of wood chippings formed a good landing zone.

Operation went along the lines of one by one, getting them to lie on the truck, making sure feet didn’t hang over the back (else they would get caught when the truck stopped) and callign the the pullers to go. I would then witness rapidly diminishing amounts of rope at my end, and then it would go tight, and immediatly i could pull the truck back up, the previous passenger would now be picking them selves up….

Everyone seemed to enjoy it though. And atleast we didnt get them wet!

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