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Spare Beds

How to aquire more furniture

The ongoing Ed-Aquires-Furniture-That-Looks-Familier story

Thanks to my parents continuing urge to redecorate their house, I saw them both on saturday and on sunday. The plan had been for me to go to theirs on sunday, help dismantle the railway set, and then aquire some cupboards from them. They phoned me on saturday to ask if we could do it that day insted. It turned out they just meant deliver the cupboards, as the seats were out of Mum’s espace, yadda yadda.

So I have some new cupboards. Which is good, as it will be better storage for those things that are badly packed into plastic crates….

Sunday I went to my parents, and dismantled the train set. and then broke up the board it was mounted on (effort required to cut into two, an likely hood of it being fixed togetehr again vs. ease of removing it in pieces. I got out my hammer…)

As the bits are flying, Mum/Dad decides that I might was well have the bed that will be surplus to requirments (If i want it. Furniture. FREE Furniture) So the seats come back out of the espace….. now negating the replanning of my weekend the previous day.

On the plus side, I now have a 2nd bedroom that looks more like a bedroom. Yes, it even has a (single) bed in it. All I need to nab now are the extra duvet and pillows which somehow failed to get to my flat on Sunday.

It does raise some organisational questions though. Such as would i be better off putting my "Office" against the wall at the entrance to the room, and the "Bedroom" towards the window. This kind of makes sense, as then i do not have to get past the bed all the time. Of course everything will probably change in 9-12months time when I get a new bed, and move the futon into the 2nd room (as it can be a sofa most of the time, and thus will take up less space….

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