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Idiot Taxes

Ah, Cusotmer Service!

Sometimes the best thing to do is speak to a real person, and sometimes it is nice to be wanted by a company of which you are a long standing customer.

So it came to pass that it was time for me to upgrade my phone. I had my first one for a couple of years, but now i am pretty good at making sure that evry 12 months I upgrade, aiming to get the “latest and greatest” that I can, for free.

I am not on the cheapest tarrif around, I quite like the service I have recieved from orange over the years. But seeing as this is probably the 2nd most commonly item on my person, and i have to cart it around, then I migt as well get one I like.

6230’s are very common at the moment, but there is a better spec 6230i whihc I was ignoring as it was so much, but then i noticed it was only £30 to upgrade to it.

But hangon, paying £3;0 is not FREE so i decided to have a quick look around, and lo, other firms on the net were doign new orange customers I put this to Orange (via their "If you are thinking of leaving Orange" options) and they were sufficiently generous to me that I have let them send me a 6230i which I will not be paying them for…. Result.

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