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Candle Sticks

Let there be light

I knew that I ought to shut down at least one of my PCs. I had just copied a file to USB key and shut the application when there was a bright flash



The room lights didnt come back on…. mobile phone light got a candle lit on my dining table, and then i had light to see by. I had only just boiled the kettle, so was going to chill out with a cup of tea and a book for a bit before bed. but i wanted a little more light. I have some candles in a cupboard for just this purpose afterall. What i had not thought about was what to put the candles on. In the end i settled for a glass that has been cracked, and was serving as a holder for some pens. Must get some candle sticks some time….

As I was speakign to vicki on the phone, the lights came back on. Which was nice. But this pleasure was very shortly lived, as the sound of many alarms started going off…. Including the sales office right outside my window. This meant I had to shut the windows to carry on my conversation. Happilly though they all seemed to give up after 20 minutes, it could have been worse…. some fire alarm, or something kept going all day once.

I can cope with utilities occasionally going on the blink. Candles and torches cover electricity failiures. And as long as it is only short, it is not goign to affect my fridge/freezer. I dont have a header tank for my cold water, so if the water went off then my taps (both hot and cold) would instantly not work. I do have some bottled water though that i have not seen need to drink yet. so I wouldnt go thirsty…. If i lost the gas, then i would have electricty. if i only lost electricity, i can still cook on gas (though ofcourse the heating will not run….)

This isnt really all planned. Its just simple steps to avoid life’s little inconveniences. In my cycle panniers, i now make sure i have puncture repair bits….

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