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Never enough resources?

I wonder if for a moment somethign is broken, it took Live for me to find that Sam had been complainaing about having too many computors I kind of know the feeling….

My Laptop is for checking lotus notes, and using Internet Explorer (i wouldnt if i didnt have to. but still…) and for viewing data on the company network. It is also the bridge for taking anything i need between company and project networks…

The other three PCs (2 on my desk, one on the nextdoor one, with its monitor turned to face me)) comprise a Human Machine interface, and two data servers. One of the data servers runs so the HMI can access it, and the other acts as developemnt. THe HMI flits between developemnt and testing….

The HMI is a 17″ touchscreen, and is one of 6 in the room. the other 5 are mounted on a wooden frame. Some are configured as HMI, and some are configured temporarilly to impersonate other items of kit in the eventual finished system for testing purposes.

Next door are two propper servers, happilly next door as they were making alot of noise in the corener of this room….

And in the absence of my collegues, all this is mine. Amazingly i am making quite a lot of useage of the different systems. Unamazingly i am beginning to go quite mad up here…..

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