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Doing What You Have To

Petrol seems a bit scarce at the moment. All of a sudden, everyone is topping up, but is it really surprising?

The petrol supply system covers our day to day needs. There is no point providing more (good ‘ole demand and supply) I guess that every ones cycles of filling up, and various rates of petrol consumption means that there is a pretty static rate of petrol sales, day to day/ week to week.

If some one suggests that there will be a shortage in a couple of days, it shuman nature to ensure that you have enough. In 2000 I was lucky, I happened to fill up ion the way to work the day it all kicked off, and so I had enough to see me through. But if i had had a couple of more litres and not wanted to fill up till it ran out? then i wold have had problems….

The thing is everyone will try to self protect. And that means suddenly demand will surge. as this surge is above our daily requirements, this will then cause supply problems. Now we are having problems, everyone is justified in stocking up (see, we have a shortage now. so its just as well i did stock up….)

Obviously all us sheep are to blame. filling up our cars. But this si all game throery. Its all very well, only buying to suit my everyday needs. BUT if everyone else rushes out and buys the fuel, and I cannot get fuel, then I have lost. If i stock up unecessarilly I have lost nothing – it is fuel I will buy at some point, all i have done is move this forward. So if i could stock up, it was the best outcome for me that I did.

Maybe minimum purchases are a way to stop this. But i think talking about them certainly contibuted to this problem….

We are far too relient on petrol it seems. We proved that last time. The convenience of the car – allowing us to live one place and work another – becomes a necessitiy, if we now dont live next to our work we must now rely on the car to get there.

Of course public transport might be the solution, but you see, that is more expensive than running my car (once I have one) and as soon as i want to make one journey of any length that is not possible by public transport, a few taxies and i can easilly justify the cost of a car….

The question is whetehr petrol should rise in cost, so we move to other options. or should the other options be cheaper? The economics of travel currently still say petrol is the cheapest option.

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