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On the Hoof

For some reason my foot was hurting as I started walking home. By the time I had finished both my feet were hurting. I must admit that I was planning on walking to Tesco later, but in the end I took the car. Just as well really, as my flat has started running low on a number of things, and so a small trolley load of things was more appropriate than just a couple of plastic bags worth….

And how did I injure my self? the 4 mile walk into the city centre, and the 4 mile walk home. Although I completed each way in about the right kind of One Hour time. I went to Argos and bought a camp bed for next weekend, as I thought this might be more comfortable, and possibly warmer than sleeping on the ground… It’s called Winter Camp. So no its not too early in the year for camping!

This means I did not get as much done today as I had intended. Visited my Allotment, discovered someone else has already dug it over in the last month (Its been wet on the weekends I have been home) so its now time to start planning what we are going to grow on it. I have been getting some filing done although this only starts raising more issues. Tomorrow I ought to look at our budgets for next year. Vicki is not so much a budgeting person, but I think there needs to be some coordination…. And I still have some grim looking grout in the shower which I want to replace with a bit of silicone sealant. I did however manage to get round to ordering a Stena Line brochure, as we are thinking of camping in Ireland this summer.

Nearly time to go and collect Vicki from the train station, and then back here to cook tea. Wonder where the pot of mint sauce is currently hiding. Mmmmmm

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