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Disk Space

I started trying to Reinstall a Pentium 3 last night. It did not exactly go well, but did lead to a discovery. The PC only has a 20Gig disk. this was a surprise, I thought it was going to be four times that…. So I am going to have to rethink the plan for rebuilding all the machines….

Plan B will be to get the Pentium 3 running with XP, and then use that as a Games PC, whilst I sort out the other 2…. I need to archive a pile of material that has built up over the last couple of years, and then I should be able to rebuild my Linux box. All the important data can then be moved across to the Linux box, and then My old windows PC can be rebuilt.

At some point a bigger disk in the Pentium 3 may be a good plan, but i think i have enough disk space right now, it just needs organising, and data archiving so I know where it all is….

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