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Giving In

I rebuilt the Pentium 3 lastnight. Although it was not as plain sailing as it should have been for some reason. I managed to find A solution in the end though….

In the meantime, I also yesterday gave in and decided to purchase yet-another-hard-disk which will facilitate me upgrading all my other PCs too…. I only did this as I was buying a DVD burner at the same time! I think this should make the pentium 3 into a reasonable general use machine for a good few months.

What is currently my windows box may then become a linux box. This is because it is a tower, and might take up less space in the lounge. The remaining PC will in anycase then become my backups server. What OS it will end up running is still up in the air. Linux may be easier for me to manage though, as it can then also act as a mailserver which i think will be the easiest way to store mail.

Linux Mandrake Discovery 10.1
Linux Mandrake Power Pack 10.1

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