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Spain. Post 1

I just thought I would update my readers with what is going on out here….

I spent much of Tuesday travelling, seeing a customer site for the first time, and adapting to Spain a bit. And a meal out with others from work. Wednesday was a meeting with people from the customer (I was actually quite happy with how that meeting went, and that goes both for my point of view and my employer) and a 3 hour lunch with them (including lots of travel time….) and then another meal in the evening!

Don’t think that we have as much fun as Gary does though….

Wednesday for me started at just after 5 am, followed shortly by checking out of the hotel, and by 6am I had checked in for a flight north. This flight was on an especially small jet, it only being an internal Spanish flight… however, they did serve breakfast. which was a bonus.

Met the Installation and commissioning manager at the airport, and after a quick coffee (his flight was not as posh as mine…) he drove to the site. Mmmmmm Spanish roads!

What followed was an attempt from our side to show me the site, and what I needed to do. This got hijacked almost immediately by the Spanish electricians who were really keen on asking me questions. Not that I really understood them.

I have now spent a couple of days on site, assessing what is needed and planning, and answering the occasional questions. In the coming week I hope to get involved in the commissioning of machines and not just the wiring.

And I can just about get food and drink in the hotel. so its not all bad!

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