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Endless Holidays in Spain

I am here to work. I really really am here to Work.

But recently it has been a tale of long weekends. Last Monday was some kind of local holiday. It was sunny. We didn?t care too much. This weekend is again a holiday.

Work has been progressing. Answering questions, and struggling to get the electricians t do as I want. This is not because they are awkward, just I cannot communicate fully with them. Tuesday will be interesting to say the least. Its a bit of a case of juggling the resources, and at the same time not upsetting the resources?. If we were all English speaking then I would be able to understand what the Contractors were planning on doing, and guide their actions to mesh together. As it is, we have separate views which cannot be expressed informally, but we have to get the customer to hep translate. Tuesday will be an interesting day, but after another couple of days the job should then run itself, with workloads balanced, and everything happening in the right order.

Anyway, a little about where I am. From the guide that I got from the Tourist Information office?.

Aguilar de Campoo has a population of 7.756 people of which 3,810 are male and 3.946 are female. It is located 892.10 meters above sea level.

I have left the commas and periods as the writer intended. With accuracy like that it is surprising that they have not rushed out another leaflet to include us in the tally? I wonder which bit of the town is that height above sea level. Its not exactly flat here!

I only need to pop up to the castle, and then I have done pretty much all the local sites. The train seems to take forever to get anywhere, and there are not many of them. As a result having all this time off is not necessarily as good as it might seem. I don?t personally have any form of car to take off anywhere?.

Yesterday we had to take the hire car back to the airport at Santander. This led to two of my colleagues heading to Bibao to do some shopping, then the other three of us met them at the airport. I got an English paper to read. 🙂 and then we headed to the nearest shopping center for a quick look and some food. I should point out how cheap DVDs are here, I now have 3 left to watch (as I have already watched one of them). They have the added benefit that I could watch them in Spanish if i want. It was a bit of a squeeze on the way back with 5 of us in one car.

Thats enough from me for now. Time to download a load of pod casts from Radio 4 for later listening. Toodle pip.

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