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Fud Glorious Fud

Not exactly Fear Uncertainty and Doubt, except for when we use a Spanish menu, and a bit of guesswork. This is the fud you can eat. That is food spelt "F, U, D".

Now, it has been said that I like my food. and it is true, I have a reasonable appetite. I also understand the importance of eating enough, and the right stuff. In the UK this means that if i am active, then I tend to want a cooked breakfast, lunch and tea. And this is probably the root of my problems in Spain…. for starters there is no cooked breakfast. and then i have to wait till 9pm at the earliest to even start tea (it has to be ordered…. and then turn up…)

but really I have probably whinged about this too much…. When in Rome, maybe one should do as the Romans do…

My appetite has done some good things for me though. In the old days on tall ships you could only get seconds on the 2nd sitting, nothing new there, but importantly two watches eat first sitting, and only one plus day workers on the second. So generally you only eat 2nd one day in three. Somehow I came to an agreement with the cooks mate, if i did some washing up, then i could appear on 2nd sitting for desert too… and thus I did a lot of washing up. And maybe this played a part in my becoming a cooks mate, which in time would lead to my being a Watch Leader.

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