Monthly Archive: November 2006

Smelly News? 1

Smelly News?

Doc Crippen has been complaining about some journalism at the BBC. And this has put me onto News Sniffer which is an amazing look at bbc news… Take the “Watch Your Mouth” for example....

Christmas Lists (part 1) 0

Christmas Lists (part 1)

Hmmm, so the Kelly Kettle caught my eye. Looks like a really useful bit of kit that does… just the thing for quickly boiling some water when we are camping. Who knows, maybe I...

Asda Pringles bargain 2

Asda Pringles bargain

Asda Living @ Cortonwood were last night (at least) flogging special Halloween Pringle’s at 99p each, or buy 2 for 74p. So, if you wanted one, the best thing would be to buy 2...