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I’ve had asthma since I was about 8. Its not that big a deal, but I do carry an inhaler with me wherever I go. I don’t use it all that much, but I do have it….

Coupled with Keys, Mobile Phone, Wallet and handkerchief it makes up the constant contents of my pockets.

Yesterday I saw an Asthma Nurse, as having moved, i needed to get an inhaler prescription from my new Doctors Surgery. Strangely she seemed interested in my alcohol consumption, though i suspect that had more to do with me not being asked that during my new patient medical.

My peak flow was impressive, apparently. But my lung function results with my old company medicals were pretty good too. And I know how to use an inhaler, so we were quickly around to just producing a script for the drugs of my choice.

I was prescribed Salbutamol inhalers (Ventolin. Whatever.) and told I could get ventolin from boots. I mentioned that i have always had those, but once i had a 3M inhaler which was smaller (it was also more effective, but i know nothing of CDM) and I was then told the pharmacy within the surgery supplies this really small one. its at least a full centimetre shorter than the Ventolin ones…. so off I went.

And it is a really cute inhaler.


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