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Choose Work

I am at work today.

I imagine this is the first time I find myself at work between Christmas and New Year since 1997, and its different now, as that was just a part time job….

But on the upside it is my choice to be here, most people are not, and this means I do not “lose” 3 days of my precious holiday, I have managed to carry forward almost a week to next year, so this is better as I am taking my days more when I want to.

Vicki is off for a week in January in the run up to the Comus Dinner. This means that I will now have at least 2 days off that week, and so we can spend some time in London, being tourists, yet again. And hopefully I’ll have the Wednesday working at home so that I can be there when the shiny new fridge and freezer that we ordered last night turns up (could have had it sooner, but that was the first date I *knew* that at least one of us, if not me too, would be in.

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