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Mobile Money Saving

I was going to mention ages ago how I had tired of having a contract phone. Especially an orange contract phone. This Was going to lead me to get a pay as you go phone, and save some dosh….

Well, oops, there has been a change of plan. Orange however I have got shot of (and the attitude of some of their staff stank) and I am now on a Virgin contract, with another new Nokia 6230i (the best – Nokia – phone i could get for free apparently) so i am again committed to ?30 per month. But for the first 10 Carphone Warehouse are giving me ?15 back each month (well, in 3 cheques after 4/8/12 months, or something like that) and I get more minutes than I used to. And its only 12 months. And all this because you can get a flowery Pay-As-You go on Virgin

So maybe in 12 months, i will do something else….

In the meantime, it appears I get 300 texts included each month. WTF do I do with them? I wonder how to hook up one of my old phones to receive them and turn the kettle on for me…..

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