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Training Monkey

A Day’s Entertainment

The weather has been a bit on the inclement side recently, but Saturday found me on the moors. Some explorers were getting some time on the hills, whilst a few of our scouts were getting some focused training as part of their preparation for a competition in a few weeks time.

Any ideas how i could sensibly show a map to you? Lets just say we started by parking our cars at SE 002 122. The explorers and scouts then went off (with the other leaders walking with the scouts) and I made my way by car, and foot to the first check point. When the explorers got there I took them through the first incident, by which time the scouts had arrived to have a go at that. I walked with the scouts for a bit, then headed to White Hill trig point, and after lunch each team got the second incident. then I met them at the end point. It seems I am not really used to the idea of having a car for this kind of exercise. I really should have driven up the road to the end point, and not walked…. oops… Oh well, Its all a learning exercises isn’t it?

Coming Soon

And now I am preparing for a 2 day expedition in a couple of weekends time. This will be the first time I have done that sort of thing in a few years. Expect to find me wandering around the countryside with a rucksack full of water this coming weekend!

The Incidents

Incident 1 – Move the suspect package.

I placed my rucksack liner and its contents (which has a really large carry loop at the top) slightly down hill. The team then had a number of fairly short lengths of cane, and some cord and string to attempt to grab hold of the package, and move it up hill. Obviously this package is suspect, and so you don’t want to get too close. I said 2 meters.

Making all the canes into a long pole was not strong enough, I was expecting some combination of a hook on the midpoint(s) of length(s) of cord, and that was the sort of thing that worked. The main point of the exercise was to give problem solving and team work. Once the team started talking to each other and working as a team they suddenly did it.

Incident 2 – Survival on the Moon

Yes its Ripped off a website, ok I know, and its something I had seen done in Peterborough. but its an exercises in both basic survival (as most of the same rules apply) with a little logic (to deal with things like the vacuum of space for example!

Update: I found a website with a number of survival scenario games.

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