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Make Like a Snail

The other weekend, I was out and about on the hills with a bunch of scouts we are training for a challenge in a little over a month’s time.

My Pack weighed far too much. It was easy to carry, but it still should not have weighed 17kg. especially when the scouts were only carrying 9kg each. Even if i was being self sufficient.

I think it is time i learnt a few lessons, I have been looking around at how I could reduce my pack weight. the main thing so far is to ditch the tent. Then i will have to look at cooking. And then I think the rucksack (as my 65L weighs almost 2kg all by itself….)

Backpacking Lite has some really good information on it. I think the only thing it is missing is details of what foods to eat, to both keep the weight down, and the calories/nourishment up.

I have just discovered the value of army rat packs. They are Heavy (as they are not dehydrated) when compared to the dehydrated meals one can buy, but I think the quality is so much better. (no dry un-rehydrated bits in them for starters….) and all you have to do is sit them in water coming to the boil whilst you are pitching your camp, and then eat them straight out of the packet. I think in summer on fine warm evenings I can be bothered to cook, but on a cold wet evening boiling in the bag is going to be so much more rewarding.

I’ll be trying out a khyam bivi bag on winter camp in 2 weeks time… we will soon see who breathable they are….

Updated: The Khyam Bivi Bag Link

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