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Give it Away (now)

I had a fridge. We had used it in our temporary home during our migration North. But since we purchased a fridge and a freezer over Christmas and they arrived, the old fridge has sat in the garage.

I was going to ebay the fridge. But frankly, I was not sure i could be bothered with it. After all, with work going the way it is, there is plenty of opportunity for me to change spare time into money, if that is my driver. and this does mean i know the monetary value of my time.

So I thought about other ways of disposing of the fridge. One method would just be to take it to the tip. Or on the other hand, I could just give it away, and FreeCycle it. Once i had joined the local (yahoo) group, sending an email resulted in responses from people who would like a new (to them) fridge. then just arrange for one of them to po round and pick it up…. and off it had gone.

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