Monthly Archive: March 2007

Mc Urban Myths 0

Mc Urban Myths

It Seems that Mcdonnalds have a exceptionally frank website (according to the register) The McDonalds Make Up Your Own Mind is actually quite funny. just type something in the box to search existing questions….

Home Improvements part 1 of many 0

Home Improvements part 1 of many

Yesterday I was working at home. This is a useful facility from my employer whihc allows me to be at work, but also at home and so available to take delivery of, say a...

Pruning Using Trees 0

Pruning Using Trees

Treemaps are cool. Well, they look cool. And thanks to WinDirStat, I can use them to see which the largest files or directories are on my PC. and suddenly I removed files which were...

Delicate Langauge 1

Delicate Langauge

A nice non-news article from the Telegraph on the names some people try to use for their race horses. Full marks to the Telegraph for tactful explanation to the Majors and Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells...