Monthly Archive: May 2007

Back To Uni 0

Back To Uni

Its like I am at University doing Labs again. It feels like it, mainly because the equipment can be a little “argumentative” maybe Much fun and merriment with three days in Manchester doing some...

Home Improvements (Part 4) 0

Home Improvements (Part 4)

P5120014 – Originally uploaded by eddiebrown. You thought I had missed it, didn’t you? So having finished the lawn, it was time to go back and actually finish the patio. One on-line booking with...

Home Improvements (Part 5) – And a lawn too. 0

Home Improvements (Part 5) – And a lawn too.

P5050025 – Originally uploaded by eddiebrown. Along with the nearly finished patio, I now have a lawn too! hopefully it will all turn into one colour in time. If anyone is wondering where all...