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Kind of Out of the Office

Time management is a funny thing.

There are those who have to plan every aspect of their day, and any extra sudden items to deal with will cause problems. and there are those who excel in dealing with sudden requests and crises straight away (although some may not then be able to plan)

But all of us at some point want to ignore the outside world. Just to add a layer of screening on the incoming calls and emails so that something can get their full attention.

I have come across people using out of office to provide this screening before. And so long as you are not subscribed to too many mailing lists, it probably works quite well….

But it does have something of a point. People do expect a quick reaction to emails, and do send emails that require a fast reaction. Which is odd, as the band width of a phone call is usually much greater than that of an email. Although the record of an email is usually much better….

Luckily for me it is not too much of a problem. There are not a huge number of emails, and generally people’s expectations of the response are about what i think they should be. Also, as i am currently working on one main project at a time, if i am on site for a week, then the only person who might want me urgently is also on site too….

One last gripe though. Most people are pretty good at setting an out of office message when they go on holiday, and most of those include the date of their return and often an alternative contact for urgent queries, but why to many messages take hours to respond, or sometimes have to wait until the next day.

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