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As many people will be aware, I have a habit of carrying around a blue inhaler containing Salbutamol. I’ve done it for years. And I can sometimes go for weeks without even using it.

With the exception of my childhood doctor, this means every year or so I have to go and see a nurse for an “Asthma Follow Up” which i think is so the Doctors can be paid. I don’t really get much satisfaction from it, although I might just raise the fact that Beclometasone dipropionate (i.e. a “Brown Inhaler” or preventer) seems to have disappeared from my list of possible repeat perscription options. I know its not like I use it all the time usually , but I was going to restart over the summer (blooming pollen) and i realised that I didn’t have any in date ones….

What irritates me about it though is when i tried to phone the practice to make an appointment, which I suspect is going to be me confirming who I am, and doing a peak flow, they could not cope with my request for an appointment week commencing 1st of October. You see i am a little busy for the next couple of weeks, and I would prefer to make the appointment to suit me, after all, i am not desperate to make it…

UPDATE: It seems not all inhalers containing the same goodies are the same. I am sure i have a Qvar inhaler some where.

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