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oops, there went a month.

Things have been busy at work, and I did take a week out to go sailing. Then back in at the deep end. and now its the slide into Christmas…..

If anyone tried to get in touch with me whilst I was sailing, and I did not respond to a text, then that is because I forgot to contact my mobile phone provider and get my account made to work abroad. Ooops. And i have been chastised for it.

So this weekend, I will be tidying the garage, washing the car, and hopefully sorting out the garden a bit. Time to build a compost heap, and to level off the veg patch, and build the patio for the green house….. That should atleast give me a little exercise.

Hopefully before Christmas I go and try out one of those Challenger Yachts I hear so much about.

Its also time to start planning the brow hike training, and i suspect its time to buy curtains and maybe give a room or two a lick of paint. So many things to do….

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