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So Much To Post

And so little inclination to post it.

Funny how these ideas bounce around my head, but don’t make it to this page.

A weekend in London coming up, and I was going to say that for the first time in 8 years, my going to london will have nothing to do with Imperial, DramSoc, or just passing through on the way to/from a Ship. But no, last august I was also in london due to Scouting. Although I wonder if i will surprise anybody this time round by bumping into the them in the street, and them wondering what I was doing in town. Oh yes. Wondering what I was doing in town in my scout uniform…. 😉

We only have 4 scouts going. Hopefully they will enjoy it, and the others who decided not to go will realise they have missed out!

And I have never been to the dome, but now I will have been to the O2.

Which kind of leads me on to something that has been meaning to make it from my mind recently, and that is the way in which I appreciate that it is not what we do and regret that usually matters. The things that bug me are the things i regret not doing. Lets be all modern, and say that mistakes are good (assuming that no one gets hurt) as you learn from mistakes. (So try different foods. whats the worst that can happen? you will know not to have it again if you don’t like it!)

That’s one of the ways that I try to live my life. Within certain limits its good to try new things.

And i also appreciate that I encourage others to do things that they are scared of (e.g. to climb rigging, or to go on scout camp) so I push myself to also do thing that I am not sure of.

And in a nutshell, that is why I am down for doing challenger training. I am a believer in Tall Ship sailing, of the camaraderie, of the team work, of the learning to do something so far out from the “real” world that you then go home to. But…. But, for me it is important to try it. Even if i am going to spend 4-6 hours on the road to get there, and again to get home…. Its 2 days of my life, that I have managed to squeeze out of the other things I should be doing, but maybe I will enjoy it. Worst case, I know not to sign up for a fortnight of it!

There, that wasn’t so hard was it?

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