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Geotagging Photos via my Garmin Vista HCx

With half a mind on future travels around Europe, I was wondering if there was an easy way to tag photos taken with my digital camera (currently a well worn Olympus Mju 400 Digital Camera) with my location when the photos was taken.

A bit of a search via google, resulted in discovering Prune which could take a track from my GPS, and a bunch of photos, then having told the software where on the track one photos was taken, it could work out the time difference between GPS and camera, and then show where on the track all the photos should be.

But it needs a plug-in called exiftool to actually save the files with the right EXIF content in the file. I struggled momentarily to install it, before deciding the correct thing to do is download the zip file for exiftool, and then extract it to c:/WINDOWS then removing the "(-k)" from the resultant file’s name.

Prune could then save the files with the exif tags derived from the GPS track, backing up the image files as it went.

At the time of typing, there are only a couple of photos that I have put up on flicker with geocoding, but it seems to work…

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