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My Osmarender Start

I wanted to try making some of my own maps – here is I have gone about it. (Bear in mind, I am using a dell laptop running XP SP2.)

  1. I used JOSM to download the data that I wanted on my map. and saved this in C:\OSM
  2. I obtained XML Starlet this I unzipped to c:\OSM and then renamed the directory so that all the files for it resided in c:\osm\xmlstarlet
  3. I installed TortoiseSVN – then, after a reboot, created an osmarender directory within c:\osm which I then entered, and selected “SVN Checkout” and put in “http://svn.openstreetmap.org/applications/rendering/osmarender” as the URL of repository. I then exported the Stylesheet directory to c:\osm.
  4. I edited C:\OSM\stylesheets\osm-map-features-z14.xml where it says


    to instead be


    and put it in to c:\OSM

  5. and then in a command prompt I executed
    c:\osm\xmlstarlet\xml tr osmarender.xsl osm-map-features-z17.xml > map.svg This gives me a file that can be viewed in Firefox.
  6. I downloaded inkscape (exe installer for windows) and opened the map.svg file using that. Using File > Export Bitmap I then produced my finished map.

My First map of Hemsworth (Click for Larger Version)

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