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Getting Things Done – An Introduction

I have mentioned Getting Things Done before, but not explained what it is. Getting Things Done: How to Achieve Stress-free Productivity
is a book by David Allen, but also a philosophy (some would say religion) for organisation – a tool that lets you answer the question “It’s 9.15 on a Tuesday morning. I have an hour before a meeting. I am sat at my desk. What should I be doing?”

Its currently something I am endeavouring to add to my life, just an acceptance that I am not always the best organised person. What I really mean here is not that I am disorganised and do not get things done – though there may be the odd thing that slips through – but that the effort in tracking everything (mostly in my head, or on various scraps of paper) is inefficient.

The principle behind GTD is to have a system that I can rely on. I don;t have to remember to do things, I don’t have to think about remembering to do things. Basically, something pops into my head, then I will write it down, and add it to the GTD system. Then I no longer have to think about it – other than when I am reviewing, or doing it.

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