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GHD Repair

Apparently GHD Hair Straighteners are *the* thing for all girls with curly hair (I am not sure what the in-thing for all the straight haired girls to curl their hair is… but i digress…)

So it happens that I know a guy who is rather good with electronic hardware. The sort of chap who fixes his fridge and washing machine, builds his own bike lights, etc….

In May 2007, he posted about repairing GHD Straighteners, and one thing led to another, and now he has put all his knowledge on line. GHD-Repair.co.uk of course.

Vicki knows the above – and appears home oen evening with some GHD’s belonging to a friend. So browsing the website, no light, on a GHD3 indicates a dodgy connection to a heater element, ah, yes as it comes apart whilst trying to undo the terminals to check the resistance across the elements.

One new element later, and they work. All I need to do is get a new plug as there is no way I am letting someone use the flex in the state it is in at the plug strain relief currently….

And for those who are not so inclined to play with something that one is going to plug into the mains, there is a GHD repair service instead.

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